Sunday 2021-03-14, TIME 19:00

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Here is one of the concerts where, if it were possible, we would recommend turning off the lights and immersing oneself in the music completely. For, as Gabriel Fauré used to say, Art, and especially music, exists to lift us as far away from everyday life as possible. So what could be more beautiful than indulging your imagination while listening to amazingly evocative sound images?

How many times have I wondered what music is for? What am I conveying? What feelings? What emotions? How can I express something that I don't understand myself? Fauré wrote in his letter. His profound understanding of the language of art led him to a mastery of melody, simplicity and proportion. It is no different in the '"Masques et bergamasques' suite, consisting of works commissioned by Prince Albert I of Monaco for the Monte Carlo theatre. You can probably guess how beautifully he represents the world in them.

From the Ligurian Sea, we will move to the Paris library, where Albert Roussel followed the journal ‘Entomological Memories’ (a very poetic title for a scientific publication, but it's France). Their ninth volume, and specifically pages 74 to 231, must have been remembered by him very much, as it inspired him to write the ballet ‘The Spider's Feast’. We will not reveal the details, but unfortunately, the planned binge does not end well for the hero.

 Nino Rota will paint the last image for our imagination. Known for his collaboration with director Federico Fellini, he was one of the most prolific and acclaimed film composers of his era. His list of soundtracks ranges from 'La dolce vita' and 'Romeo and Juliet' by Franz Zeffirelli to 'The Godfather' by Francis Ford Coppola. The following was written about Concerto soirée for piano and orchestra: Dreamy like Chopin, sensational like Rachmaninoff, funny like Prokofiev, but always Rota - rediscovering the beauty of romantic music.

We wish you being carried away as far as possible from everyday life and invite you to the Philharmonic in Szczecin!


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