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"I still have Bach, Schumann and Mozart in my head and a bit of tango." It is how Astor Piazzolla defined his musical interests - an Argentine composer, bandoneon player and arranger, whose name today sounds like a synonym for tango. Piazzolla pushed this dance to new directions, combining the characteristic rhythm with jazz and even classical music and creating a new musical genre! As he sums up: "I have always thought that tango is more for the ear than the legs."

One of his most famous pieces was included in the concert program. "Porteños" translates as "people living in a port city". This word is commonly used to describe the inhabitants of Buenos Aires. Astor Piazzolla decided to dedicate his "Four Seasons" and many other works to them. It was in the Argentine capital that his adventure with tango began in 1939, when he fulfilled his dream of becomiong a member of the Anibal Troilo orchestra - the most famous bandoneonists at that time.

It is worth remembering that Witold Gombrowicz came to Buenos Aires in the same year. In his "Diaries" and books he unusually describes the country of Piazzolla, at the same time trying to find many answers to life's dilemmas, and above all, to survive the turmoil of life.

Don't his observations also reflect the nature of the compositions that we will hear at the concert? "A mixture of races and heritages, with a short history, unrefined character, unknown institutions, ideals, principles, reflexes, a wonderful country, it is true, rich in the future, but not made. Is Argentina primarily natives who have settled here for a long time? Is immigration above all, transforming, building up? Is Argentina just a combination, cocktail, melange and ferment? Is Argentina an Indefinite?"


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